Pacific Animal Hospital: Exceptional Veterinary Care in an Award-Winning Hospital

Pacific Animal Hospital, Oceanside CA

At Pacific Animal Hospital, our doctors and staff are highly trained, compassionate, and kind. We understand that pets are beloved members of the family and work with our clients to provide the best medical care possible for their animal companions.

Our doctors and support staff are expected to increase their level of expertise and keep up with the continuously changing and growing knowledge base and technology in our profession.

We are advocates for the pet and always offer the best and most appropriate care available. We do not turn away clients and patients needing our help; therefore, we accept emergencies and urgent care appointments during business hours.

We work closely with our clients to ensure their pets receive the best care. If needed, we offer payment plans such as Care Credit. We can also help with decisions for deferring non-critical care over several months.

We are proud of our Core Values:

  •   Accountability
    We are accountable for our actions, responsibilities, and goals.
  •   Balance
    We seek an appropriate work–life balance.
  •   Communication
    We engage in honest, forthright, and courteous communication.
  •   Compassion
    We treat our patients, clients, and each other with understanding, kindness, and empathy. We care about the well-being and comfort of our patients, their families, and each other.
  •   Contribution and Teamwork
    We understand that the full engagement and involvement of every individual is critical to our success and recognize that working together as a team produces far superior performance than that expected by adding together individual contributions.
  •   Education
    We understand the importance of continually improving our skills and competencies. We are committed to setting and reaching our professional goals.
  •   Humor
    We believe humor and fun enhance our work environment.
  •   Integrity
    We are honest and ethical in our approach to client and patient care.
  •   Passion
    We sincerely care about our organization, patients, clients, and each other.
  •   Respect
    We value and show respect for our patients, clients, and each other.
  •   Service
    We embrace a “client- and patient-centered approach” to the delivery of client and patient care and continuously work to provide the best possible experience for both.
  •   Trust
    We understand that trusting each other is fundamental to attaining our vision and goals.

In addition, we are an AAHA-accredited veterinary hospital, adhering to the highest standards of excellence in veterinary practice. AAHA standards are recognized around the world as the benchmark for quality care in veterinary medicine. Our hospital is evaluated on over 900 standards including surgery, dentistry, medical records, cleanliness, laboratory, nursing care, diagnostic imaging, exam room facilities, management, emergency procedures, and anesthesia. Our accreditation demonstrates our commitment to the highest standards of veterinary care. Only about 15% of veterinary hospitals in North America are accredited by AAHA. Learn more about these standards at the American Animal Hospital Association website.

Pacific Animal Hospital’s doctors are members of VIN, the Veterinary Information Network. VIN provides an online, immediate, and up-to-date medical resource for our doctors. We are able to consult with board-certified veterinary specialists and access a vast database of current information concerning every aspect of veterinary care. With over 40,000 members, VIN provides our doctors with the collective experience and knowledge of thousands of veterinarians and immediate access to the latest information regarding the treatment of your pet.

We treat our patients with respect and gentle loving care, offering the best experience possible for pets and their owners. Visit us at Pacific Animal Hospital, providing compassionate care for your best friend!

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