New Year’s Resolutions for the Pet-Obsessed

Soldier Girl had a fabulous recovery in 2013 from a car accident that badly damaged her back legs.

Although your friends are all talking about their plans for a new diet or daily run resolution, let’s be honest, the only resolution you want to make is the one that involves little work and your favorite four-legged kid.  Trust us, you’re not alone. We also want to do nothing more than spend all day cuddling with our pets.

Here is our list of top resolutions for pet-obsessed people in 2014:


Measure Your Pet’s Food

The easiest thing you can do in 2014 to help your pet stay health is to portion control what they eat. As cute as a chubby pug is, the health consequences to over eating are alarming! Check out our blog post for more information. Every bag of pet food comes with guidelines for how much to feed, and although not the best resource, this is definitely a good place to start! As these are general guidelines, calling your PAH doctor or checking with us at your pet’s next wellness exam is the best way to find out exactly what they should be eating.


More Playtime

You know your pet is dying to spend every waking moment with you, so why not indulge them with 5 to 10 extra minutes a day of undivided attention. Good for both you and your pet, studies have shown that spending time with animals can increase your health and lower your stress!


Oral hygiene is a must

Both as a money saver and a way to help keep your pet pain free, good oral health in the New Year cannot be stressed enough. We see so many pets that are in need of a good dental hygiene that we can’t help but have this be on the resolution list. This is one of the best ways to keep your pet healthy, and vet bills low. If your pet is not keen on you sticking a toothbrush in their mouth, try dental chews, pet-specific oral rinses, or speak with your pet’s doctor for other alternative brushing options.


Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

Nothing keeps an old dog going like a little mental stimulation. Research has shown that pets that have regular brain stimulation are less likely to have cognitive deterioration. The easiest way to keep them mentally active is through learning and practicing new tricks. Food puzzle and “brain teaser” toys are also great to keep your pet thinking. A few times a week, put your pet’s food in a giant Kong and let them play for their meal. This way they get a pre-portioned amount, no extra treats, and work their brain!


Update their microchip

As the economy begins to rise up a bit, many people have found themselves moving into new homes, but rarely do we remember to update our pet’s microchips when these moves happen. If your pet is lost and the information is outdated, it may be difficult to get you and your pet reunited. Start the New Year off by contacting your pet’s microchip company to update their information. If you are a PAH client, give us a call, we can pull up your original sign-up form, give you any information you need, and let you know how to contact the microchip company.


New Activity together

Our last New Year’s resolution is to try a new activity with your pet. If you are looking to increase your activity level in 2014, this may mean a run on the beach. It could also mean volunteering together, getting involved in animal-assisted therapy, fostering a pet in need, or other social activity. If you are more of a good book and coffee person, try the San Diego Humane Society pet café. Each week, the Humane Society hosts a café and pet socialization hour at one of their locations throughout San Diego County. More information can be found on their website.



No matter what you choose for your New Year’s resolution, we hope that you and your pets have a fabulous New Year’s Eve and a great beginning to the New Year!

The White Elephant Gift Your Pet Always Wanted

You made your list and checked it twice! All the kids, friends, and family are covered, the only one left and the hardest to shop for is your fur babies. Their unconditional love deserves something fun and festive this holiday season. If you are like us, then Christmas gifts for your pets tend to be a little on the silly side. Here are few of our favorite silly gifts this holiday season:

If your little helper gets chilly now and then, a new holiday sweater may be just the gift they are hoping for! Or perhaps a stylish sockmonkey hat is more to their liking. Regardless your pet will walk the streets of San Diego in style!*Just remember, especially with pet hats, they can just as quickly become unintended toys, so we recommend supervision when wearing! 



Although most of the police officers we know have dog partners, if the officer in your life is more of a cat-man, consider getting his four legged friend a tasty treat they can both relate to! These catnip donuts, are a great DIY gift idea, or can be purchased online if you are in a rush for last minute gifts.




If you are a DIY-er looking for a quick project/gift for your pet, but the donuts are more of a do-not, consider a printable pattern from

Etsy! Online at and, DIY pet patterns are all the rage for crafters. Easy and simple to make pet toys are a great way to spend Christmas Day with your kids and pets!




Even if your pup is on the naughty list this year they deserve a little fun this Christmas!  Give them exactly what they deserve –a lump of coal!  These tough, rubber bouncy toys will be endless fun for your pet and a great reminder of what a pain they were this year! The best part is that it’s available on Amazon and there is still time to get it before Christmas!




If these ideas don’t do it for you, be sure to check out our Pinterest Page for more great holiday gift ideas for your pets!

The Gift That Gives All Year Long!

This holiday season if you are looking to give your pet the perfect gift, consider a Pacific Animal Hospital Wellness Package. This is a great way to help keep your pet healthy and happy for an entire year. Knowing the importance of preventative care and wanting to find a way to help keep care affordable for our clients, Pacific Animal Hospital began offering Wellness Packages for our patients last year.

Although other hospitals offer similar packages only for puppies and kittens, we believe preventative care is important at all ages! To keep adult and senior pets healthy, we developed specialized preventative care packages for these age groups as well.

Over the past year and a half, we have seen great interest in the packages. Families who have pets enrolled in the program have higher rates of up to date preventative care, and the pet parents are getting a great value on their pet’s care.


Why Clients Have Signed Up for a Wellness Package:

-They are bringing a pet in for the first time.

-Are worried about being behind on their pet’s health care.

-Would like to help keep their pet’s care affordable.

-Would like to ensure they do their part to keep their pet healthy.


Additional Benefits of a PAH Wellness Package:

-Receive reminders all year, ensuring you use all the services you paid for.

-Added services on top of yearly preventative care, including unlimited pedicures.

-Savings up to 50% on treatments and services

-Special discounts on spay/neuter procedures and dental procedures.

-Peace of mind that your pet’s preventive care is covered and taken care of.


Wellness Packages and Health Insurance

Wellness Packages are very different from health insurance, but can be used in conjunction.  Usually, pet health insurance is used to cover medical problems, accidents, and major illness. Wellness Packages are for preventative care, including examinations, vaccines, internal parasite testing, annual blood panels, dental care, and much more.



If you have questions, want to know which package is right for your pet, or would like to sign your pet up for a year of preventative health care, contact us today!