Basic Manners For Pets 101


The New Year is in motion and we can finally go back to our routines. It was great seeing family during the holidays and we all had our share of holiday food and entertainment.  With the holidays came new additions to the family.  Puppy, kitty, Buddy and Daisy are happy to be with their new family and now is the best time to start with their training. Yes – you can train Kitty too!  Here are some reasons why we should train our pets:


1) Build a Positive Relationship: One of the best ways to build a healthier relationship with Buddy is to make it rewarding, successful and easy as possible for the both of you.  Positive training, which rewards and motivates a pet for good behavior, allows you to develop a relationship with your pet based on mutual trust and respect,  instead of fear and intimidation.  Our faithful companions that are taught using positive reinforcement methods are more tolerant and self-controlled and behave much more predictably in different situations.  When giving treats as a reward, some dogs are allergic to specific items, such as certain protein sources, gluten, or grains like wheat and corn, so they should only be given chew treats that are free of those allergy triggers. Read the ingredients list of any treats you give your four-legged friend to be sure that you are doing your best to help keep him both happy and healthy!


2) Basic Manners 101:  Every pet needs to learn how to live successfully in a home environment.   Teaching your pets basic manner skills and providing them with enough mental enrichment and physical exercise will prevent them from developing anxiety and other stress related behaviors such as destructive chewing, inappropriate barking and aggressive display.


3) Socialization: Social interaction will give your pet the confidence to deal with the pressures training your pet to have good manners and behave well in different situations requires effort, but consistent commitment ensures success. We have high expectations for our pets, encouraging them to be friendly with everyone they meet, even if they are uncomfortable in certain situations. It is vital to socialize Buddy by giving him good experiences in the presence of all kinds of people, animals and environments.  As for Kitty, socializing with only his siblings is best.


4) Kitty Training 101: Cats are really smart and they can be trained. Start to train them while they are still kittens to like their carrier. This is most helpful as they grow and need to visit their vet. Make it a positive situation. Put Kitty in his carrier and carry him to a different area of the home.  Open the carrier and praise, love and give him a treat! This way he won’t associate the carrier with  vet time. There are other ways to train a feline and yes – there are even cat trainers!

You CAN train Kitty! xo


4) Loyal and Companion: Pet parents  who make time to teach their pets lead more fulfilling lives with their canine companions. A healthy balance of learning manners, encouraging sociability and providing your pet with the right kind of outlets will ensure them success. Having trained pets will make life so much easier for everyone and your pets will understand what is expected from them once trained.  Both you and your pets will have an amazing bonding experience  throughout the years!


Get involved in the training classes with your trainer and ask questions! Training your pet is an investment and like all pet parents, you want the best for your pets! If you’re not sure where to start, please call Pacific Animal Hospital and we’ll be happy to help you! We are open 7 days a week, Monday – Friday from 8 am to 8 pm and on Saturday and Sunday from 8 am to 5 pm. Basic Manners 101 will be so rewarding for everyone!


Why Not Adopt Pets?!


Starting today, 11/5 is National Animal Shelter Appreciation week!  Shelters are over flowing with pets that need homes and these pets range from pure breeds, mixes, puppies, adults, seniors, disabled, all sorts of colors, sizes and the list goes on. One great reason for adopting a pet instead of buying one is that, typically, pets for adoption from shelters and rescue groups are already spayed or neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Those services can cost hundreds of dollars, and when you adopt a pet, you not only save a life but you save a lot on your wallet as well.


 Many times you are able to read on their chart as to why they were left at the shelter. Some pet owners who can no longer care for their beloved pet write out instructions for people to read. You will see many pets are potty trained and know their commands.  Many dogs and cats get along with other dogs, cats and children, however, always be safe and cautious when introducing your new adoption pet to your other pets in the household. Meet and greet at the shelter may be different once you all get home.




The most common reasons pets end up homeless are:



People losing a home or job

Unplanned litters due to pets not being spayed or neutered

People feeling they no longer have enough time or desire to properly care for a pet





Sadly because of these reasons, right now there are hundreds of great pets at shelters and with rescue groups waiting for someone to choose them. Pets bring joy to millions of people every day.  If you don’t have time to visit your shelter and have things to donate, please stop by PAH and we will be happy to take the donated items for you!  Pacific Animal Hospital is proud to give a free health exam to those families that adopted a pet from our local shelters, within 20 days. We applaud those who work, volunteer and donate to your local shelters. You are so appreciated!

Whether you head to a local shelter or search online for a group that rescues dogs of your favorite breed, the right pet is out there for you. After all, the best kind of pet is one that is adopted! 

Kirissa and Felix!  Who adopted who? xo

Kirissa and Felix! Who adopted who? xo



Pet Ownership 101



Owning a pet (s) is a big responsibility!  As members of our family, their needs need to be met in order to have a healthy and happy life style, just like us humans.  If you are a pet parent now, I’m sure you know the importance of time, love and dedication for our pets. Let’s go over some key points:

Safe environment, diet, preventative care, exercise and more – are critical in keeping our pet’s healthy in help them live a comfortable and long life!

Keep only the type and number of pets for which you can provide appropriate food, water, shelter, health care and companionship. We all want to help pets, but we must be able to provide for them.

Provide appropriate exercise and mental stimulation.

Properly socialize and train your pet. It’s never too late to get your pet trained.

Recognize that pet ownership requires an investment of time and money.

Make sure your pet receives preventive health care (vaccinations, parasite control, etc.), as well as care for any illnesses or injuries.  We all want to ensure life-long protection for our beloved pets.  Yearly or every 3 year vaccines (depending on the vaccine and age of your pet) are recommended. We advise you to follow your own veterinarian’s recommendations.  As a pet gets older, one may think their pet is not at risk or vaccines are not needed. Young or old, all pets need to be vaccinated for their own protection and the safety of others.  Pacific Animal Hospital has incredible Wellness Packages for pets of all ages.  Our plans cover all of your pet’s yearly preventative care needs, and you can pay in flat monthly installments or all at once for even greater savings.    



Make sure your pet is properly identified (i.e., tags, microchips, or tattoos). Give your pet the protection of a 24hr microchip! Please keep in mind that microchips do not replace identification and rabies tags. Microchips are great for permanent identification, but nothing replaces a collar with up-to-date identification tags.  It’s a quick and painless procedure and it lasts for our pet’s lifetime!  Please keep your registration information up to date. If you move or you change your phone number, you will need to update your microchip registration as soon as possible. Here at PAH, we are pro microchipping!   

Don’t contribute to our nation’s pet overpopulation problem: limit your pet’s reproduction through spay/neuter, containment or managed breeding. This is so important! As a pet gets older they can develop pyometra (pus filled uterus – females) or testicular cancer (males).

Prepare for an emergency or disaster.  Always have a copy of your pet’s vaccinations, extra medications, pet carriers , leashes/collars and/or harnesses.

Make alternate arrangements if you can no longer provide care for your pet. Don’t wait until the last minute. There are some wonderful rescue groups in your county.

Recognize any decline in your pet’s quality of life and make decisions in consultation with a veterinarian.  Talk to your veterinarian if you noticed something different in your older pet.   

At Pacific Animal Hospital our goal is for every pet to receive preventative care.  We are the health care provider for our patients so it is up to us to take good care of them!  If you have any questions or concerns about vaccines or any other topic regarding your pet’s wellness, consult with your veterinarian so they can give you the information on your specific pet needs. What a wonderful gift to give to you and your pet!  Protect their health and future by seeing your veterinarian twice a year!