Puppy & Kitten Care Packages for New Pets in Carlsbad & Oceanside CA

Puppy and Kitten Care in Carlsbad CA

Puppies and kittens are exciting, entertaining, and so much fun! Remember, however, that this new pet is a baby that needs plenty of attention and care. Schedule your first appointment with Pacific Animal Hospital as soon as you know you are adopting a new animal companion.

It is most beneficial to have a veterinary exam prior to bringing your new family member into the house, especially if you have other pets. Even as a newly weaned puppy or kitten, your pet can carry parasites and infectious diseases. An unfortunate infestation or life-threatening infection can be avoided with the first visit to the veterinarian.

The First Visit

At the first visit to Pacific Animal Hospital, bring your new puppy or kitten and any available vaccination or medical records from the breeder or shelter. It is also a good idea to bring a stool sample, so the doctor can check for internal parasites. Expect a thorough physical exam of your pet by one of our veterinarians, as well as parasite control and the first vaccinations.

Puppies and kittens receive some protection from disease through their mothers’ milk, but that immunity decreases upon weaning. The “puppy or kitten series” of vaccinations gradually builds immunity during the first few months, beginning with the first exam at around 6–8 weeks.

“Puppy Series” vaccines and tests may include:

  •   DHPP vaccine (distemper/hepatitis/parainfluenza/parvovirus)—3 or 4 doses
  •   Rabies—given at 4 months of age
  •   Bordetella (infectious tracheobronchitis)—2 doses
  •   Leptospirosis—2 doses
  •   Parasite testing
  •   Deworming
  •   Heartworm and flea preventive may begin at 8 weeks
  •   Microchip

“Kitten Series” vaccines and tests may include:

  •   FDVRC (feline distemper/upper respiratory)—3 or 4 doses
  •   Rabies—given at 4 months of age
  •   FeLV (feline leukemia)—given at 10 and 14 weeks of age
  •   FeLV/FIV testing–feline leukemia virus and feline immunodeficiency virus
  •   Parasite testing
  •   Deworming
  •   Heartworm and flea preventive may begin at 8 weeks
  •   Microchip

At each visit, your veterinarian will weigh your pet and offer suggestions for the best type of food and treats for optimum growth and vigor. An appropriate diet is necessary for a healthy puppy or kitten and good quality pet food is important. Please remember to keep fresh, clean water available at all times. We will also discuss spay or neuter; care of your pet’s coat, ears, and nails; housetraining; socialization; and basic obedience training.

Bring your pet care questions or concerns to this first visit. The professionals at Pacific Animal Hospital are your pet care partners, providing the best veterinary care and the support you need to feel confident and knowledgeable about raising your new puppy or kitten.

See our Vaccinations page for more information on pet vaccines and the diseases they prevent.

Spaying and Neutering

Typically, an altered pet lives longer and has fewer medical problems and a better temperament if the surgery is done at an early age. Unless you intend to breed your dog or cat, we recommend spaying or neutering your puppy or kitten at around 5 months of age.

Benefits of spaying your female puppy or kitten include:

  •   No heat cycles
  •   Less desire to roam
  •   Reduced risk of mammary gland tumors
  •   Eliminated risk of ovarian and uterine cancer

Benefits of neutering your male puppy or kitten include:

  •   Reduces spraying and marking
  •   Less desire to roam
  •   Reduced risk of injury in fights or auto accidents
  •   Eliminated risk of testicular cancer
  •   Decreased incidence of prostate disease

Spaying and neutering vastly reduces the number of unwanted cats, kittens, dogs, and puppies that are left to roam wild or are destroyed in shelters. This routine procedure helps dogs and cats live longer, healthier lives.

Young pets need many things: a safe, comfortable home; regular exams; vaccinations and parasite prevention; socialization; and behavioral training. Pacific Animal Hospital supports you in creating such an environment for the newest member of your family.

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