Animal Hospice Services: Compassionate Care for Your Pet from Your Friends at Pacific Animal Hospital

There may come a time when a decision needs to be made regarding quality of life and humane treatment of your beloved pet. When a pet is fighting a terminal illness, such as cancer, heart disease, or kidney failure, continued treatment may reach the point of causing additional pain and suffering. The decision to discontinue aggressive treatment and choose palliative care (comfort-oriented rather than cure-oriented) is a compassionate choice and a gentle release to the familiarity of home and nurturing from family members.

Pet Hospice Care in Oceanside and Carlsbad CA

Hospice care is focused on giving pets a comfortable, safe, and caring end-of-life experience at home with their family. Pacific Animal Hospital offers this compassionate approach through pain management and emotional support in the comfort of home. This intimate experience is positive for both pets and their owners, allowing for a time of closeness and the opportunity to say goodbye.

Our veterinary professionals teach pet owners to manage supportive care at home: to monitor their pets, administer medications, and, ultimately, to predict and prevent pain. Veterinary support to pet owners is available by phone at any time should a problem arise or the situation changes.

Hospice can be a wonderful, caring option for terminally ill pets. However, it may not be for everyone. Owners may not be ready or able to take on the often emotional and time-consuming work of the day-to-day care for a sick pet. Hospice may not be the right decision for owners who live alone, have a heavy work schedule, or are not in good health. Owners should carefully consider whether they have the resources necessary to care for their pet at home and talk to their veterinarian about what is right for them.

After Hospice Care

If hospice measures no longer provide comfort or relief from pain, euthanasia may be necessary. This can be a difficult decision—when is the right time? We offer pet owners guidance and direction for this final release.

End-of-life care for pets can be compassionate, comforting, and humane—contact Pacific Animal Hospital for answers to your questions about hospice and euthanasia services.

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