Pet Wellness Care for Dogs & Cats in the Oceanside, CA Area

Veterinary Wellness Care in Oceanside CA

Wellness and prevention in veterinary care is both a practice standard and a philosophy, with the primary focus on maintaining health, quality of life, and longevity in your pet.

At Pacific Animal Hospital, this approach generally includes routine care such as comprehensive physical exams twice a year, pet vaccinations, parasite detection and prevention, and dental care. Our goal is to protect your pet’s health and help ensure a long, happy, and comfortable life for your four-legged family member.

During your pet’s first wellness visit, the veterinarian performs a comprehensive exam and compiles a complete medical history. Ongoing visits add to this record, giving our veterinary team comprehensive knowledge of your pet’s health from newborn to senior pet. Visit these pages of our website for a more in-depth discussion of the health care needs of Puppies and Kittens and Senior Pets.

Disease and parasite prevention is a very important part of your pet’s wellness plan. We address prevention with an individual approach by tailoring vaccination and prevention plans to meet the needs and lifestyle of each individual pet and owner. Read more about prevention on the Vaccinations page of our website.

As an AAHA-accredited hospital, we follow the standards and guidelines set forth by the American Animal Hospital Association for excellence in veterinary care. As our partner in wellness and preventive care, AAHA is an added resource and we encourage our pet owners to explore the many informative topics available at the AAHA Healthy Pet website.

In addition, during wellness visits we address issues important to pet owners such as spay and neuter decisions, pet training or unacceptable behaviors, and managing safety with microchip services. Support for our clients includes a vast collection of resources. Our Pet Loss program offers a variety of support and information for our clients, as well.

Preventive care and wellness includes every area of pet health and ownership. The professionals of Pacific Animal Hospital embrace this approach to veterinary care. Contact us at (760) 757-2442 with questions about pet wellness care or to schedule a visit for your animal companion.

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